Glad you could stop by…

Hello!  I am grateful you have found your way here.  There is a lot to see and within you will see various bits of my brain and thought processes I have gained from adult-ing and life-ing.  Some of what you read you will enjoy, some won’t jive with you and then there will be bits you simply just don’t like.  All in all, I encourage you to share your thoughts, questions, and concerns.  Your response inspires me to be my best.  The more you give the more I will return!  😉

So…what will you find on this site?  Well, you will find whatever comes to my mind!  From parenting to social issues to work to relationships.  This is not a site about counseling.  It is about relating and thinking outside of a box, not necessarily “the” box.

About me?  My name is Tara and words are my “B”.  😀    Some people can sing, some can run a business, I write.  I try to be a bit funny, or cute even snarky, and always genuine, which is why you won’t always like what I write but sometimes you might love what you read.

This is a two-way site!  Comment on what you read or contact me through the link above – I am going to respond, in kind, of course!