About the Writer

Tara Parker

Tara lives in the Wichita-metro area of Kansas. She is a single mom of three kidlets with a herd of dogs and a lone rascal cat. Along with writing, Tara enjoys painting, wine tastings, and her gal pal troupe.

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I’m Tara Parker and I’m your mental trainer.

Tara has been writing for many years. She began writing fictional stories for her friends to enjoy. Eventually, she learned that her readers preferred to read what she knew best: relationships and self-exploration.

Tara has a gift for writing in such a way that it feels like a conversation. Her words are comforting creating a picture that is easy to understand. She is able to connect with you quickly giving you a sense that she understands where you are coming from.

Tara specializes in relationships. She believes the most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself. Without it, all other relationships will experience struggles and stunted development. Her professional studies and experiences have taught her how to bridge her personal gaps and achieve her goals. She is so much further in life than she thought she would go and wants to extend that understanding, along with encouragement, to others to see them make the best of themselves.

What does she do?






Organizational Leadership and Transformational Change
Bachelor of Arts

Organizational Leadership and Project Management
Master of Science